The saudi Food Bank (ITA'AM)

In Saudi Arabia, 40% of the food is wasted annually as per Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Hygiene standards at restaurants and wedding halls meant that the food left on the buffet serving trays could not be returned to the kitchen, and there was no one to package and distribute the food to those in need.

Itaam "Saudi Food Bank" is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to limit food waste in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by transferring the idea of food banks in the world and applying them in Saudi Arabia in a professional manner.

In 2010, AZAQ came together with other business groups and raised capital of SR 9 million to launch the first Saudi Food Bank, "ITA'AM," which operates under the auspices of the Al-Fozan Social Foundation.

ITA'AM has trained specialist teams of food service personnel who package the food into individual meal portions, always keeping hygiene and food safety at the forefront. The packaged meals are then rapidly transported to nearby charities for distribution to those in need.

AZAQ encourages those interested in volunteering or contributing to ITA'AM to visit or contact the organization by phone: 013-8479696.