NMC Kia is the official new Kia distribution in 7 regions and 9 cities on the Western of Saudi Arabia.

NMC Kia is the advanced dealership with a vision of to establish an automotive brand known for harnessing the power of technology and digital transformation, providing a seamless engaging experience with our customers, ultimately leading our industry and becoming the most sought-after employer in the Saudi market.

NMC Kia’s mission is to Innovate, Serve and Inspire.

To Innovate: At NMC we are constantly developing and refining our services, teams and processes, so that we are always the leader in operational excellence and customer-driven innovation.

To Serve: our culture is built on the ideas of trusted service and reliability, our mission is to become a brand synonymous with the best customer focus and long-lasting relationships

To Inspire: Our aim is to creatively motivate customers as we champion and empower people who want to grow, develop and reach higher places

NMC Kia. Innovate. Serve. Inspire.