Kalaam Telecom Holding Company

As the first, alternative and fully-licensed telecommunications provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kalaam Telecom (Kalaam) offers advanced voice, Internet, data and value added services to business customers. Shareholders in Kalaam Telecom include Kalaam Limited, Saudi Arabia's Shoaibi Group and ABQ Investments (ABQI) in partnership with Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brothers (AZAQ).

Having launched operations in March 2005, Kalaam serves both small & medium business customers and large corporations across different industries in Bahrain. A key indicator of the company’s success has been the amount of renewed and continuous business awarded to Kalaam over the past eight years. Besides serving the commercial business community in Bahrain, Kalaam has a well-established line of retail products that provide the most innovative, and cost-effective solutions that make communication accessible and affordable to anyone.

Kalaam’s network is a state-of-the-art Next Generation Network (NGN) deployment, capable of supporting both traditional and non-traditional voice traffic. With direct interconnects to more than 30 operators worldwide and direct routes to more than 150 countries, Kalaam Telecom continues to provide the best alternative voice and data services in the region.

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