Tawkelat Leasing Company

Would you like to have a new car every few years? Then leasing is a great option. For customers of United Motors Company (UMC) and Gulf Motors Company (GMC), Tawkelat Leasing Company (Tawkelat) offers auto leasing made easy. Auto leasing saves customers money with low monthly payments on vehicle leases. Great terms are available, including lease to own. Or if you’re a company or individual that prefers a new car in the garage every year or two, then leasing with Tawkelat offers a way to avoid the hassle of selling or trading in an automobile – and there’s no large down payment.

Customer convenience is important to us. Tawkelat’s offices are located within the UMC and GMC showrooms. So come by and see how quickly you can be driving out of the showroom in a new car.

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