HR, Legal & IT

Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brothers (AZAQ) values its people and their contributions as fundamental in sustaining the Group's growth and continued success. AZAQ’s HR Function supports the Group in maintaining a healthy working environment with continued emphasis on career development and growth. It also acts as the Group’s centralized HR Department when it comes to recruitment, training, development and retention of top executives in the Group’s subsidiaries and new ventures. This facilitates retaining a tightly knit management team with a motivated workforce, led by effective leadership and gives the necessary support for any of the Group’s green field projects.

The Group Legal Function is responsible for maintaining the corporate legal framework with suitable agreements to protect the interests of all parties and ensure the ethical and fair conduct of the Group's business activities.

Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brothers (AZAQ) believes in leveraging technology to achieve enhanced strength in its operations and its business activities. In line with this aim, AZAQ’s IT Function supports the Group in maintaining an effective and reliable technology infrastructure under a suitable IT governance framework.