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AZAQ Timeline
1958 AZAQ was founded.  
1968 Al Quraishi Trading (AQT) was established.  
1971 Al Quraishi Marketing Company (AQM) founded.  
1971 Al Sabah Trading Company (ASTC) begins operations.  
1971 Al Shula Trading Company - UAE (SHULA) created.  
1971 Al Quraishi Trading Company - Kuwait set up.  
1971 Al Quraishi Furniture (AQF) established.  
1974 Saudi Chainlink founded.  
1976 Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia founded.  
1976 Al-Quraishi Electrical Services of Saudi Arabia (AQESA) created.  
1979 Saudi Transformers Company (STC) begins operations.  
01.01.1988 WESCOSA wholly owned AZAQ subsidiary.  
01.01.1989 NASCO founded.  
01.01.1997 GNS founded.  
1999 United Motors Company established.  
2005 Electrical Industries Company established.  
March 2005 Kalaam Telecom begins operations.  
2009 Pipeline Technologies & Services LLC (PipeTech) established.  
2010 Saudi Power Transformers Company set up.  
2010 CG-Power Systems Saudi Arabia created.  
01.01.2011 GNS became AZAQ subsidiary.  
2013 International Biscuits Company established.  
2014 Electrical Industries Co IPO  
2014 AZAQ Commercial Group moves under and renamed as DMC  
2014 Assayel Arabia (formerly AQRE Partners Co was restructured)  
2016 International Biscuits Co divested  
2017 AZAQ becomes a Closed Joint Stock Company  
2017 ADMC was established