Assayel Arabia Real Estate Company

Assayel Arabia Real Estate Company (previously Ali Zaid Al Quraishi and Partners for Real Estate) was founded in 2011 by Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brothers Company (AZAQ) to manage its existing and future real estate projects covering both the properties used by its subsidiaries as well as those developed and leased to its external customers. Assayel Arabia Real Estate Company’s head office is located in Dammam. The Company is involved in managing and developing real estate projects across Saudi Arabia.


Assayel Arabia is a property development and management company that provides end to end solutions to its commercial, residential and industrial customers across Saudi Arabia. Assayel Arabia provides bespoke development solutions. It is involved in identifying opportunities, purchasing or utilizing its land bank for the development of property and subsequently in its leasing and ongoing management. Assayel Arabia offers customized property services ranging from passive monitoring of the property to complete property and facility management to the customers.