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Faisal Al Quraishi wins re-election to the Asharqia Chamber’s Board

Published Sunday, March 23, 2014

Based on the results of the vote by the members of the Asharqia Chamber, AZAQ’s Vice Chairman, Faisal Saleh Al Quraishi, has won re-election to the Asharqia Chamber’s Board. AZAQ congratulates him on the election win and affirms our support to him in this service to the local business community.

The Asharqia Chamber has 18 members on its board out of which 12 are directly elected through secret ballot. Another six are appointed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which aims to ensure a wide representation of trades and industrial sectors.

The Asharqia Chamber Board elections take place every four years. The current vote was held from March 9 to 13, 2014, with 21 candidates contesting for the 12 seats. In addition to Faisal Al Quraishi, other winners included Abdul Hatem Al-Ammar, Faisal Bubshait, Mohammad Al-Dossary, Abdul Mohsin Al-Farraj, Ghadran Al-Ghadran, Bander Al-Jabri, Abdul Rahman Al-Otaishan, Abdul Aziz Al-Othman, Rasheed Al-Rasheed, Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid and Hassan Al-Zahrani.

Congratulations to all.

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